Role Model

     Dreams from My Father.

     The remarkable book by our new President.  I am blessed to be reading it now, as we remember Dr. King, and as Barack Obama prepares to take the oath of office–and as we prepare for a new era.

     His honesty is breathtaking, especially in recounting his own inner struggle to discern, or create, his identity (or perhaps both discern and create).

     Identity. I had a conversation with my coach yesterday, about my struggle to become a transformational leader. She says I am on a continuum between the old kind of leader (the one who does everything and is always in contr0l) and the new kind, the transformational kind (that engages in self-reflection and change and helps others do the same).

     She is a wise woman. I am moving , usually forward, but sometimes I regress. Imagine that. Progress not perfection.

     What brought me to tears this morning as I read about Barack Obama’s struggle is that for the first time in my life (and I am 62) I have a model of who I really want to be in the President of the United States.

     Oh, I don’t want to be President. But I want to do my work, my pastoring at MCC Richmond, following the model of our new President.

    Now if that doesn’t blow your mind the way it does mine, I think maybe you did not really live through the same presidents I did as an adult (some of them better than others, but none of them a role model for my life).

    Thanks, God, for not giving up on us (me).