Dive In!

feet-on-diving-board     Several of us were talking last evening about the vision statement of Metropolitan Community Church of Richmond: “If you ask us why we came, we came to LIVE OUT LOUD!” It is a quote from French novelist Emile Zola.  What does it mean?

     Does it mean that members and friends of MCC Richmond are supposed to come out of their sexual orientation and gender identity closets (whatever they are)?  Sure, that is a good way to live out loud.

    Another way is to live just the way God wants you to live. Some people refer to that as Holy Boldness. Others call it Diving Into Life.

     What would this diving in look like for you?

     Maybe you’d take up singing for the first time. Or begin painting watercolors of nature. Or learn to climb mountains.

     Maybe you’d volunteer in a soup kitchen (or our MCC Richmond Food Pantry) to feed hungry, homeless people.

     Whatever. Let us all go boldly, dive powerfully, where God wants us to go.