Opening Day

catching-baseballTomorrow is Opening Day.

Baseball season? A new school year? Grand opening of your favorite new store?

No, Lent. 

Probably few of us think of Ash Wednesday that way. Not like the excitement of watching the first pitch, or even going back to school.

In fact, for many, it may be a day to avoid–too many memories of judgment and doom and gloom.

But what if Lent were a time to recognize how beloved we are? To receive not God’s judgment so much as God’s intention that we be alive to God’s love, to catch what God has for us. Then we’d want to celebrate Opening Day.

I am planning to have that kind of Lent this year.

I hope lots of lovely people, like you, will join me in spending some time with each other, and with God, learning more about how beloved we are and how God wants us to receive and share the gifts God sends our way. We can begin by gathering on Opening Day.

But if you don’t want to, that’s okay, too. There is no one right way to do any of this.

I’d like to know what you think: joyful Lent, no Lent, same old Lent.

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