Its outta here…!

hitting-the-ball…here’s the wind-up, and the pitch, right over the plate……..Crrrraaack!

Yes, folks, she got it head on…and it looks like, yes, I think, oh my God, yes, its outta here, folks! A home run!

That could be you. You can hit home runs because God is pitching to you right over the plate all the time.

Maybe you have hit a couple …when you realized in a flash that despite all the hard stuff in your life you are truly loved… or when you made a new friend who felt like they had been in your life forever… or when you watched a baby be born or take its first step.

Maybe you’re still waiting for “the right pitch.” Or you’re choking and just missing.

But don’t forget that God is pitching to you all the time.

Why don’t you spend some time this Lent practicing how to hit God’s pitches?

Not sure how? Try a little prayer. You’ll be amazed how much better the game goes.