Cooking with God

dinner_table_buffet_At the church I serve and lead, we see Lent less as a time of deprivation and more as a time to explore how we respond to God from the depths of our gratitude.

So, we had vegetarian soup and spaghetti  with meatballs last night at our Ash Wednesday dinner. And salad, bread, and even dessert.

The spaghetti was left over from dinners served the past several Saturdays. The soup base was pasta primavera sauce left from those same meals.

This is very Lenten: to take something from the past and make it new for our present and future. Ministers who blessed worshippers with ashes last night said, “Hope arises from the ashes of that which has come before.”

Life is what happens when you build forward from where you have been toward where you are going.

God is ready to help you design the menu of your life, and to prepare nutritious, well-balanced meals out of the ingredients you have, so you have the power to take the next step. 

Just ask.