sabbath20cartoon20for20genesis201a2Saturday. The weekend. Sleeping in (until about 9 am).

So much to do. Today, Jonathan and I have vowed to begin re-working our budget. Ugh. Hard work. But necessary given the economic indicators in our lives (and everyone’s).  

And there is laundry to do, a friend’s birthday party to attend, dinner to share with other friends, grocery shopping, maybe a visit to the SPCA. A sermon needing attention.

Wait a minute. What about rest? Can I get a break here?

My biggest struggle in life is accepting God’s gift of Sabbath, time to rest and be refreshed. Time for me to accept God’s soothing embrace.

There won’t be much of that today. But I will receive some of that embrace by spending the entire day with my husband. This is the only day in the week when I get a chance to do that.

What a gift . . . time with Jonathan. Thanks, God!