Bon appetit!

stew-pictureFolks at our monthly discussion, The Meanings of Your Life, last night liked my soup. Someone asked for the recipe.

There is no recipe, I said, aside from a willingness to use what I have and add what seems missing.

In other words, this soup began 10 days ago as a simple white beans and veggie sausage dish. Then, with some added liquid and vegetables and spices, it morphed into soup for the Sunday’s ministry leader’s meeting and potluck. Then, with some more liquid, a few different vegetables (including left-over collard greens), some more spice and  beans, it became Wednesday night’s soup.

Isn’t that like church? It starts with a few folks, some drift away (having given and taken what they can) and others show up, on and on over many years. With each shift, particular ingredients become weaker or stronger, a dash more oregano now, less at another, etc.

Perhaps church is a stew pot, always on the stove, serving up savory aromas and filling bellies, especially if those who partake of what they need also put in a share that others may be fed.

Bon appetit!