It Is Good to Have Help When Herding Cats, Part 2

I wrote recently about how pastors often speak of our work as “herding cats.” And I said that I appreciated the help that members of the Board of Directors provide–they help with the herding.

Little did I know that a former seminary professor of mine (from EDS, the Episcopal Divinity School) would then post a video on Facebook–very much on topic. I can see my Board colleagues and myself in this wonderful minute-long film (and you’ll understand why she posted this particular video).


Seen a Robin Today?

american_robin-10The second day of spring.

When I lived in the north, the big deal used to be seeing the first Robin. In Virginia, Robins are not so scarce. They are not the harbingers of spring.

All four seasons are godly. Even winter (in small doses).

But spring, after a cold winter, may be the best.

What seems clear to me today, as I go out  to do treasured yardwork, is that the joy of spring is to be savored and shared. Maybe that’s why we used to get so excited by the first Robin. As s/he flew and hopped about, and hunted for worms, we felt like flying and hopping too (maybe not hunting for worms). Remember the song, “Rockin’ Robin.”

Whether I see a Robin or not, I am filled with joy today. Every day is Robin Day for me! [I know, I know….corny….]