Slow Cooking Produces Tasty Life

Fast food is fast. Sometimes, it even tastes good.

But slow food makes for better company.

One purpose of Lent is to help us slow down, to take time to connect with what is important in our lives. It is very difficult to connect with God, or even each other, while rushing through the drive-thru at McDonald’s.

An impatient Christian a few years ago said, “Lent is too long. In the old days they needed 40 days to get anywhere; now we can go places much faster. We can do Lent in one week or less.”

Actually, it takes just as long, if not longer, to connect with God today. We can’t build a deep relationship in a hurry, even, or perhaps especially, with God. crockpot

Perhaps Lent is like a crock pot. If you put your fears and desires in, pray for some special seasoning from God, and let the ingredients simmer slowly, you might be amazed at the tasty, nutritious life you can share.