God’s World of Wonders

Jonathan and I had breakfast with some strangers this morning. We are staying in a B&B in Washington, D.C. 

As we ate too much, we met a retired couple from British Columbia, and a firefighter from Death Valley National Park and her park ranger husband (at Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Park). death_valley1

The firefighter, who flies a helicopter looking for forest fires, talked a lot. Pointing to her husband, she said, “He’s very quiet.” She laughingly acknowledged she made up for him. 

Jonathan went off to his conference while I stayed to chat with the Canadian couple. They both liked to talk, as do I, so we shared observations about Washington, Richmond, and Vancouver.

vancouver-aerialAfter the others left, I sat for a few minutes, sipping coffee, thinking about the vastness and variety of God’s creation. So many distinctive human beings, and all the extraordinary natural landscape and animal, plant and mineral varieties–and how six people at breakfast could share so much of it.

I thought of the opening of Psalm 98, “Sing to God a brand-new song! God’s made a world of wonders!”