Sharing the Word

bible-pictureI am headed to Saint Starbucks for my weekly Tuesday 8:00 am ritual of a cup of joe with preacher colleagues to talk about last Sunday and plan for the coming Sunday. starbucks1

These guys (alas, we are all men) are my scriptural soulmates–because each week we wrestle with how to carry what God shows us in scripture to the good people who show up to share God, and expect us to have something to say.

We are an odd group–two Baptists, two Episcopalians, and me, the MCC guy with earrings. 

I loved seminary and this reminds me of the “bull sessions” we used to enjoy–often better than the formal classes. Dr. Jim Somerville, Pastor of First Baptist Church, first called us together and I learn something from him every week.  But everyone else teaches, too.

What a blessing! Good coffee, yes, but even better conversation.