Acting Up

I watched a moving MTV film at MCC Richmond last evening, Pedro: The Movie. We showed it in cooperation with Planned Parenthood of Richmond and the Fan Free Clinic. pedro-zamora

You may remember Pedro Zamora, the HIV+ character on Real World, who died in 1994 at age 22. He was an HIV/AIDS activist before being on the show–the MTV folks picked him because they wanted to explore AIDS and human relationships–and his life and death became a cause celebre after the episodes with him aired.

Sadly, although HIV retroviral drugs keep many people alive today, the HIV/AIDS picture is still dreadful.  

Infections are on the rise. Sexually Transmitted Infections (what we used to STDs) affect one in four people under 25. Lots of people still don’t insist on protection during sexual activity, and many fail to be tested. Useful, informative sex education is still not available in many places, including most of Virginia. And there is still a lot of stigma attached to people with HIV.

Today, I promise to do something to fight HIV/AIDS: I plan to write my Congressperson to demand funds for real sex education so young people will be less at risk.

What will you do?