God Will Not Be Defeated

iowa-marriageAs we celebrate the Iowa court decision in favor of love, we also remember that 41 years ago today the preeminent 20th century voice for the cause of love was killed in Memphis.

Dr. King was 39 when a gunman decided to still his voice.  He would be 80 today.

Of course, the gunman failed to silence Dr. King even as he ended his earthly life.

The foes of love regularly make this miscalculation: they think that if you silence one voice–or pass one law or constitutional amendment or a hundred–that the cause will die.

They forget one crucial thing: God is love and God will not be defeated.

(picture above by Rodney White of the Des Moines REGISTER; Partners Terri Neuendorf, right, and LaDonna Kyle, both of Des Moines, kiss outside the Judicial Building this morning after the announcement of the Iowa Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriages)