If it’s Tuesday, it must be . . .

jesus-goes-to-bethanyWe left Jesus and his companions in the aftermath of upturned tables in the Temple yesterday. According to the writer of Mark, they then left the city.

In the morning, today, Tuesday for us, they go back to Jerusalem. On the way, they walk by the now-withered fig tree (see yesterday, if you don’t remember). 

Its back to the Temple again, and this time the religious authorities are there to prevent any disruption. They confront Jesus head on. “By what authority are you doing these things? Who gave you this authority to do them?” jesus-and-pharisees-on-authority

What they mean, of course, is: we did not issue you a license, so how dare you act as if we did!

Jesus stumps them with his response, a question about the authority of John the Baptizer. He refuses to answer their question directly (the answer is so obvious).

So, today, when Pharisees and Sadducees challenge you, what do you say? Where do you get your authority?