Oil on Our Bodies

Today, Wednesday, in Mark’s gospel (chapter 14), the authorities are are looking for ways to kill Jesus.

woman-pours-oil-on-jesus-headHe seems to pay no attention while having supper at the home of Simon the Leper–as a woman pours costly ointment of nard on his head. Some appear shocked at the extravagance, and Judas decides to betray Jesus.

Do you feel the drama? The conflict? The anger of those who oppose him even as he evokes serenity?

It reminds me of yesterday when the Vermont Legislature overrode the Governor’s veto. We are overjoyed–as if a woman has poured precious oil all over our justice-parched bodies–while those who oppose marriage equality are writhing in disgust and rage.

As in Jesus’ time, there will be pushback, although we pray for no more crucifixions.

Like Jesus, let us be peaceful even as we give no ground to injustice.