I called my Congressperson, the Hon. Eric Cantor, the other day to urge him to vote for HR 1913 (Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2009). A pleasant-sounding young man promised to deliver my message.

The Hon. Eric Cantor
The Hon. Eric Cantor

Saturday, I received a reply by mail. Mr. Cantor thanked me, described the legislation, and assured me he would keep my views in mind “should this legislation come before in the House of Representives.”

The vote has not happened yet, so perhaps technically it is not before him. But the bill has been introduced before, many times, and according to news reports will be coming up for a vote soon.

Surely, Mr. Cantor has a view on the subject. I wish he would share it with me.

I will write to ask him to tell me how he votes, and remind him that I will keep his vote in mind should his name come before me at the next election.