God Must Love Chickweed

I scattered some clover seed in the front yard, to drive out the chickweed. I choose to avoid using chemicals on our lawn. white-clover

Friends scoffed, saying that replacing chickweed with clover is just trading one weed for another.

But my father taught me a long time ago that a weed is a plant growing where you do not want it. There is no plant that by its nature is a weed (just as there no people that are, by their nature, worth less than others).

I choose clover because it is a legume, meaning that, like beans and peas, clover  has nodules on the roots that contain nitrogen-fixing bacteria (creating nitrogen exchange and enhancing growth).  Clover is not, of course, the lawn of choice for those who want perfectly sculpted putting greens.

God must love chickweed, there is so much of it. But in my lawn, it is unwelcome.

Grow, clover!