God in the Dirt

I was on my knees yesterday, praising God.

dirt-and-plant1I had already said my morning prayers, kneeling at the prayer desk in my study, and I did not intend to do it again an hour later. But there I was, in our front yard, on my hands and knees digging in the dirt, when I felt a very powerful connection with God.

Oh, the joy! I often say that gardening is a spiritual practice for me. In that moment, I felt it. There is something about getting my hands in God’s earth that speaks to my soul.

Today, I have to mow the lawn.

God, I pray to feel your presence in the roar of the mower as much as I feel it in the quiet of the earth.


I know St. Patrick’s Day is the day to wear green, but today is the day to BE green.

And have you noticed how many shades of green there are? Nature is just a riot of greens.

collard-greensThank you, God, for greens–trees, the grass, the flowers–and of course, collard/beet/mustard greens, too.

Especially collards.

Stormy Weather

The National Organization for Marriage posted the video, “Gathering Storm,” online, with the plan to air it nationwide in order to stop the spread of same-gender marriage.

Pretty much it has been hooted off the stage. The claims made are so ridiculous.  We’ve heard them all before.

And the parodies are endless. Below, you can tune into the Colbert Report for one of the best (it contains an excerpt from the original, too).

But still, people continue to believe the lies.

We can and will expose the lies. And the day is coming when this, like interracial marriage, will be a non-issue.

But in the meantime, let’s pray for NOM and its allies, and all those who place limits on love created by God. Let’s pray for them to remember that perfect love casts out fear, and it can cast out theirs.

Truth Can Cause You to Weep

I began my vacation this morning by weeping.

marilynne-robinson-homeI finished reading a deeply spiritual book, a novel, Home, by Marilynne Robinson. It evoked much of my midwestern childhood, and the distance between me and my father.

But mostly, for me, it is about the wonder, and imperfections, of human love.

The main characters–Robert Boughton, the dying preacher, and two of his children, the sensitive Glory and her wayward brother, Jack–are each imperfect, and yet each is so tenderly beautiful.

I wept for my father, and our lost chance for connection, and for things I miss about midwestern small town life. 

Most of all I wept in gratitude. The last line of the book is, “The Lord is wonderful.”

That’s truth.

Like a Weed?

The weeds growing in the cracks of our cobblestone front walk remind me that living requires patience and perseverance. The weeds are tenacious, as if they are living out their mission.easter-2009-004

Victor Frankly said, ” Those who have a ‘why’ to live can bear with almost any ‘how.'”

I am admiring our president, realizing that he, like others before him, has a dream of a better world. I don’t always agree with him, but I recognize that he has a compass. He needs one with all that is off course in our world.

When we know what is deeply important to us, and use that knowledge to guide our lives, we can live each day being and doing what really matters most to us. 

If a weed lives its mission, surely I can, too (and part of my mission is to overcome the weeds!).

Have You Got a Dream?

Bubba Bruce showed me a a video clip of the new British singing sensation, Susan Boyle. You can watch her at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9z0h1NNk1Ik but youtube is not permitting people to “embed” the video in postings at other sites. I encourage you to click on the link.

susan-boyle1She sings of dreams, and you know hers is coming true. She shows up our prejudices, and most of all our empty focus on things that don’t matter all that much.

Check out Susan, listen to her, and connect with your own dream. You are the biggest obstacle to it coming true.

Get out of your own way, and trust God.

Jesus Said Love Your Enemies, Not Kill Them

The recent spate of murders around the country leaves me wondering, “Why is it so easy for people to get and use guns?” handgun

The NRA and some state legislators think that we need to arm college students to protect our campuses. In Virginia, legislators keep thinking up new groups that can automatically carry concealed weapons and new locations in which concealed weapons will be allowed (including bars of all places).

Dr. King said, “Peace is not merely a distant goal that we seek, but a means by which we arrive at that goal.”  Guns don’t bring peace. Ever.

The police use guns to stop killers, but the police do not create peace. Armies use guns to stop other armies, but armies do not bring peace. They can stop hostilities, and that can be good, but armed people do not create peace.

Unarmed people create peace.