A Deal I Cannot Refuse

I love being a pastor.

Actually, I love pastoring this church–because I love the people God has called, and is calling, here.

I am honored to sit with them in pain and celebrate with them in joy, to help feed the spiritually and physically hungry, encourage the hope-less, guide the wayward, bless the seekers, preach good news, pray continuously, and be healing when God shows me how.

And I am grateful that pastoring also allows me to engage the community, to organize and lead groups for social change, to speak out on behalf of justice, to band together with other people of faith and no faith to make the world better.  

I never knew work this hard also could be so much fun and so rewarding–and could change me so much along the way.

Thank you, God, for calling me, and thank you, church, for letting me grow on your time and your dime.

To think I get paid for all this! Now that’s a deal I cannot refuse.