Jumping for Jesus

I am always excited when I discover new images for things that are important to me.

Rob Bell
Rob Bell

Rob Bell, the evangelical pastor and teacher from Grand Rapids, MI, uses a metaphor I find especially delicious.

Bell says that if faith is seen as a wall of bricks piled carefully one on top of another, then you have to defend your wall at all costs, talking about how right you are, and how wrong the others are who aren’t building your wall. If one brick is pulled out, the whole thing totters and falls.

Instead of bricks and a wall, Bell experiences faith as a trampoline–something that helps him jump as high as he can.

Faith understood this way helps you ask questions and stay open to mystery–not mystery like Agatha Christie or television series where in the end the solution is revealed, but mystery that leads us to ask more questions. God likes us to ask questions; it means we are paying attention and we know the source of life.

trampolineI don’t own a trampoline, but I can jump for Jesus. Will you join me? If we jump together, we might go way up!