The Juggernaut of Justice

Rev. Dr. Cindi Love speaking at Clergy Call
Rev. Dr. Cindi Love speaking at Clergy Call

Last week, I joined more than 300 clergy from around the country in Washington, D.C. to speak to Congress for LGBT equality.

Human Rights Campaign's 2009 Clergy Call for Justice and Equalit
Bishop Yvetter Flunder and Rev. Elder Nancy Wilson at Clergy Call

We were part of Clergy Call, a program of the Human Rights Campaign Religion & Faith Program. There were talks by leaders–Jewish, Christian, Muslim–and break-out groups organized by state–we had about 20 folks from Virginia in attendance.

We represented many different understandings of God, and we felt not only safe with one another but blessed by each other. At a two-hour inter-faith service, we received incredible gifts.

So much passion, so much spiritual power, in one place. I have been on a high ever since.

Rev Pat Bumgardner and Rev Karla Fleishman at Clergy Call
Rev Pat Bumgardner and Rev Karla Fleshman at Clergy Call

But it may have been the visits to Capitol Hill on Tuesday that filled my heart the most.

Visiting Senate and House offices–mostly seeing staff–can be a mixed bag. You can feel like a beggar, asking for a crumb of justice.

However, this time, there was something extraordinarily powerful going on for me. As we went from office to office, and ran into colleagues visiting their states’ representatives and senators, I felt the air changing.

We are going to win this, I thought. There is no stopping us.

We are not begging. We are giving our elected leaders a chance to join the juggernaut of justice that will sweep them up in its wake.

There will be another HRC Clergy Call in two years. I can taste the joy already.