A Dandelion at the Vatican

I finished mowing our lawn today. About half of it had gone two weeks without a cutting, so you can imagine how tall it was.

I don’t like it to get so long, but life (and rain) just kept getting in the way.

There is something satisfying to me about a well-manicured lawn–a feeling that may have something to do with a modern impulse to tame the jungle or subdue nature.

But nature, I mean nature in its natural state, is rarely, if ever, well-manicured.dandelion

Jonathan likes dandelions and the little flowers that grow up in our lawn. I admit they can be pretty, but I also like mowing them down (then I can pretend they don’t exist).

Maybe thats how some folks feel about LGBT people–or Black people, or other people who don’t look or behave like them. They see us as threats to their well-manicured lives. Maybe they want us mowed down.

I am enjoying my newly mowed lawn, but I also am glad there are weeds that will come up again. I am glad that a bright yellow dandelion will show up again–like a Queer showing up at the Vatican.