Love or Fear?

Part of my work as an advocate for LGBT equality and marriage is to stay in touch with what the opposition is saying.

One thing I see consistently: no matter the argument, it is fear-based.

That reminds me that Emmet Fox–the pastor/preacher who in the 1930s had a profound impact on New York City, and especially the founders of AA–says: “Really there are only two feelings a human being can have, namely love and fear.”

Fox is making a spiritual observation, not a clinical one. From a spiritual perspective, we are either engaging in love or in fear.

Fox also says, “Love is always creative, and fear is always destructive.” The “always” in that statement may feel forced.

Perfect Love Casts Out Fear, by Annie Vallotton
Perfect Love Casts Out Fear, by Annie Vallotton

And yet, it does seem true that when we love, we engage in making something more and better than it was. And when we fear, we participate in making something smaller and less God-like.

Let us love, my dear ones, and grow the world in God’s image. And let us heal fear with love.