What’s Your Decision?

Many around the country have tagged today as “Day of Decision,” meaning it is the day the California Supreme Court will decide whether the vote last November to overturn their earlier decision in favor of same-gender-loving marriage will stand.  

It is a big day. What California does affects us all.

But is not every day a day of decision?

When someone does something I don’t like, how do I decide to deal with it? Or when my life seems out of control (or empty or dead) how do I decide to deal with that?

sunrise and tree pictureSo, whatever seven judges in California decide, I am deciding to live today as a blessed child of God, knowing that no court can grant or deny my happiness.

That does not mean that I don’t care what they decide. I care passionately. And I will react with passion.

But my passion will reflect my deepest values, especially that no matter what others say I am God’s beloved, and that all people–each of us–are God’s beloved.