Let the Sunshine Out!

My friend Peggy wrote on Facebook this morning, “The sky is kind of grey here, but there’s sunshine in my heart.”

sunshine outShe reminds me that I don’t need to let externals, like the weather, determine how I feel. 

Recently, at a meeting of a group (outside the church) to which I belong, a colleague expressed a lot of anger towards me. It was hard to take. There was some truth in what she said about me — I am far, far from perfect! — and there was exaggeration and her “stuff” mixed in.

I felt pain, some of hers and my own. But somehow, I did not let it take me over. I knew there was more to life than her feelings, even when she walked out.

What is the source of happiness? Where does a sense of balance come from?

When I remember God within, I find the sunshine, no matter how heavy the clouds outside may be. May I remember today to let the sunshine out!