Supporting Women, and their Doctors

The murder of Dr. George Tiller at Reformation Lutheran Church in Wichita, KS  shakes me in deep places.

The body of Dr. George Tiller is carried out of his church
The body of Dr. George Tiller is carried out of his church

For one thing, there are people who think that MCC folks are agents of Satan. These self-proclaimed agents of God may decide to do what they did to Dr. Tiller to the ushers I love.

For another, I remember I used to feel that men should have lots to say about abortion.

I felt that way in 1974 when the wonderful woman I was about to marry told me she was pregnant. Neither one of us wanted to hurt those who loved us, and we  wanted to keep up appearances (she could have lost her job, and my political career would probably have ended).  We agreed on what to do, but I am sure I did most of the talking.

So, she let her wedding dress out, we ended our Bermuda honeymoon early, and we sneaked home so she could have an abortion.  Because it was legal, it was safe.

What a way to begin a marriage . . . . with a secret, with grief, and with guilt.

The truth is most women contemplating abortion, and those who love them, face impossible choices. As Nancy Wilson, our Moderator, says in her blog today, women face “choices that are not between good and bad, but between bad and worse.”

Nancy’s story encourages me to keep a commitment I made to myself months ago. I am going to volunteer to hold a sign of support for women going to the clinic near MCC Richmond.

Its not that I am pro-abortion. But the women need support. And so do the doctors who care for them.

If you want to read a personal testimony from Rev. Elder Nancy Wilson, click on this link.