He Made Me Do It?

Frequently, I find myself talking to good people who have a grievance with each other. They each have understandable complaints about the other. At the same time, each has a hard time seeing how their own shortcomings might contribute to the situation. finger_pointing_OW

I thought of this as I read excerpts from President Obama’s speech in Cairo, and various reactions, especially those of Islamic and Jewish leaders, to it.

I felt a kinship with the President. He seems to be trying to nudge the dialogue beyond “He said, then he said, and he made me feel, and he made me do . . . .”

I feel for him. Its hard to solve anything when people see each other only through the eyes of grievance.

I know what it is like, even in the intimacy of my office, to get antagonistic parties to stop repeating their well-honed grievances. And he is trying to do that on the world stage.

I am praying for him, and for all the hurting parties. May there be more self-examination and less blame.