Auntie, Get the Gun!

You can tell a lot about a family by the stories people tell.

pistolToday, my sister told us about the time my aunt hid a pistol in the piano. Everything seemed okay until her younger sister, my mother, began to practice her piano lesson. My aunt did not say anything, and waited for what she was sure would be an explosion.

I had heard the story before. But I had never thought about how improbable it seems that my aunt, who always seemed afraid of so much of life, would actually handle a gun.

I realized that although my aunt seemed old-maid-ish, she was actually pretty tough.

The longer I live the more I realize the limits we place on ourselves, and our doubts about others, can be eased. Life often demands more of us than we think we can deliver, and, amazingly, we rise to the occasion.

For me, God helps, especially when I find myself staring up a steep slope of uncharted territory.

By the way, my aunt eventually got the gun out of the house, with no harm done. So thank you, Auntie Grace, for setting a good example by getting the gun!