5, 4, 3 . . . We’re on the Air!

Acting on stage is a strange thing. If you are an actor, you get to be yourself by playing a role as someone else.

OTARPLast night, I enjoyed the dress rehearsal of “The Maltese Falcon,” a production of the famous Sam Spade detective movie as a radio play by the On the Air Radio Players at the Cultural Arts Center of Glen Allen.

My husband, Jonathan Lebolt, plays Joel Cairo, the part played in the film by Peter Lorre. He is excellent. But so are the other actors. And they obviously are having fun.

I plan on going back Wednesday night for the real thing (and they are performing tonight, too). If you want more information, check out this link, http://www.otarp.com/index.htm

God gives gifts to everyone. For some, it is to act as someone else. For others, it is to plan and plant gardens; still others, bake and decorate cakes; others, organize people and activities for fun, or to change things.

God loves our creativity. In fact, we honor God, the Creator, when we create, too.