Let It Begin with Me

Most days I begin with prayer. Life is always better when I do.

I don’t know why some days I don’t. I have never had a bad day because I prayed. person praying

I remember when I dreaded going to the gym. I would put it off as long as I could–and then after I exercised, I always felt better. I asked myself, “Why did I wait so long?”

As praying in the morning starts the day right, praying at the end of the day ends it on the right note–gratitude. I am reminded who provides the blessing of  life.

Just imagine if everyone in the world prayed twice a day, at a minimum (we could emulate Muslims, stopping five times each day to acknowledge God). The world would change, for the better, much better.

Let it begin with me, with you, with us: A global movement to heal the world that starts when you and I contribute our prayer.