A New Wave

I went to a party last night at New York Deli in Carytown. With a few hundred other people, I helped launch GayRVA.com

Its a blog that is sort of like a website, and its all about LGBTQ life in Richmond. Its a great way to tune in to the rich experience of being queer in the River City.

Richmond skylineI am sure I was the oldest person at the party. Mostly, I talked to a few other “over 50” types. And I saw the present right in front of me — hundreds of young-ish persons networking, having fun, not afraid of going forward.

There is a new wave sweeping across Richmond, creating change in how the stodgy, turf-ridden, stay-below-the-radar, LGBTQ community lives. I am so glad to be sharing in it. And I congratulate Kevin Clay, the driving force behind GayRVA, for showing us how to ride the wave.

Check it out.  http://gayrva.com/