Daring to Dream Together

A friend of mine complained the other day that no one had told him about the church anniversary celebration. My friend does not have email or web access at home, and we do most of our communicating that way.

I sympathize with him. I wish we had a better system–regular phone calls and postal mailings are a good idea.

And yet, I also know that if he had come to church anytime in the past 6 weeks or so he would have learned all about it. empty pew


31 years ago, some brave souls decided to come together to create MCC Richmond, beginning a journey that is not yet over. They had a dream of loving community.

Eventually, a building was bought. Even pews. Sometimes, people fought. Sometimes, they hugged. Mistakes were made (and there will be more!).

But it is the dream that counts most of all. When we dare to dream together, dreams can come true.