Prophets in Drag

Various pics June 2009 023Sometimes people say, “Drag queens don’t belong in church.”

I think I understand the feeling. I know I don’t agree.

The feeling is that church is supposed to be sacred, and that drag queens . . . well, drag queens belong only in bars.

Still, I don’t agree. For me, it is like saying Jews don’t belong in church.

They may prefer a synagogue, but if they come to church, they deserve an honored place. My church is built upon Jesus and his Jewish faith.

But drag queens?

God loves drag queens. Why else would God have empowered them to kick up their heels for liberation at Stonewall?

As my friend, and Stonewall Veteran, Sylvia Rivera, told me, “Some folks don’t agree, but I know God was there.” Just like God chose Moses, David, Elijah, Jeremiah, Esther, Judith, Ruth, Isaiah, Jesus, Peter, and Paul–unlikely folks, all–God chose Sylvia and Friends to lead the charge for liberation.

So, this Sunday, when Miss Joanna Powers and Friends open our service, with a Marsha Stevens song, “I Still Have a Dream,” I know God will be smiling, and clapping, and probably dancing in the aisles.

God is happy when the gang gets together and makes a joyful noise.