Priorities, Even in Mourning

I’m going to displease a few folks today.

I am sad that Michael Jackson died. I wish he had had a chance for a do-over. He surely was filled with talent.

I am sad that Ed McMahon died. I am sad that Farah Fawcett died.

Cambodian child sleeps on an empty stomach because his mother, without food herself, has no milk

But I am also aware that in this day alone, 4,500 children will die in our world, most of them because of preventable disease and malnutrition.

I also admit to a generational prejudice, when it comes to Michael. There is only one King (other than Jesus) and for me that is Elvis.

My daughters undoubtedly feel otherwise. They grew up with Michael. I do remember being pleased at how much they enjoyed him. Anything that made my “girls” happy made me happy.

So, I am sad.

But I am concerned about a world that goes through momentary spasms of grief for celebrities while not ending the slaughter of children.

Maybe my age is showing–becoming an old grump. Or maybe I am just wondering if we have our priorities right?