A Beautiful End to an Ugly Start

Yesterday, my day got off to an ugly start.

I was short of sleep. I had too much to get done in one day. I had been working too hard for too long with not enough down time.

My inner tapes started running, the ones about how no one really appreciated me, how my job is impossible and everyone else has it easy compared to me, how the guy behind me on the road is too close, how even the traffic lights are against me . . . . .

Then, I talked to a friend on the phone. I met with a colleague for coffee.

Between the friend on the phone and the colleague over coffee, things began to shift. Then, I thought: pray!

As soon as I began to pray, the tape recorder stopped, and things got a lot better . . .  fast.

joyI made some adjustments in my day. I worked hard, yes, but with Jay Irvine, and several members and leaders–including Sara Fleming, Linda Redmond, and Rev. Cheryl–it was joy. And later, I watched a video with Jonathan.


Once again, prayer works.