Let Freedom Ring!

liberty_bell_1Two  hundred thrity-three years ago today–July 8, 1776–the Liberty Bell was first rung in Philadelphia.

Did you know that in 1965, groups of gay men and lesbian women took to the streets in public demonstrations at various locations in Washington, D.C.–including the White House and the Pentagon–and at Independence Hall in Philadelphia?

Historical Marker at Independence Hall
Historical Marker at Independence Hall

They were seeking liberty, as we do yet today.

Those who signed the Declaration of Independence in 1776 and caused the bell to be rung, like those who marched in 1965, were bold, courageous, passionate. They knew the right, and they stood for the right.  

What about us, in 2009? Do we dare to be as bold? As courageous? As passionate?

Let freedom ring.