A National Health Plan

Let me reveal my bias at the beginning: I think Sonia Sotamayor will be an outstanding member of the U.S. Supreme Court.

I also support the senators as they ask tough questions of Judge Sotamayor to make sure she is qualified.

But I keep feeling a nagging thought about those who keep asking her about her bias: Have they revealed theirs?

I was struck by Judge Sotamayor’s statement, “We all have bias.” We have to own it in order to overcome it. s-SOTOMAYOR-97x75

Did the senators, all of them, hear that?

Or are they like lots of “straight” folks, or white folks or old folks or men, who just assume that everyone else ought to think and act as they do–and then expect those of us who are not to fit in?

Mystics and wise teachers from every faith tradition tell us that self-examination is key to spiritual health.

Is not that practice good for our national health, too?