For the Beauty of the Day

Today, I began as usual: lighting candles for the four directions, thanking God for the day, praying the “five-finger” prayer, praying special healing for several others and myself, writing in my journal, turning on the PC to connect with the world electronically, checking Facebook, updating Twitter, and now, blogging.

These are my typical early morning spiritual practices. These are ways I am anchored.

As a person who does too much, I find it hard to keep sabbath–a day of true rest, to stop all doing so that I recognize that day as holy.

Day begins, courtesy of Peacewogs
Day begins, courtesy of Peacewogs

But I recognize in the way I begin each day, and in my prayers throughout the day, that I see this day as holy.

“When you are praying every day and recognizing that God is working in you and in all your affairs, there will be a sense in which every day will be a Sabbath, because for you every day will be a holy day.” (Emmet Fox)

What a beautiful day already!