Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

squirrelJonathan and live in a beautiful area south of the James River with many houses and many trees, a creek or two, even a couple of very small lakes. Taking walks here is a joy because the scenery and the wildlife are a joy to see. deer

He loves the squirrels, which are everywhere. I am drawn to several owls that spend evenings in trees in our yard and our neighbor’s yard. The rabbits hopping through are cute, too.

And the deer are beautiful.

I just wish they wouldn’t eat the leaves on my new little peach tree. When I have a garden (!) the rabbits will probably devour the lettuce (shades of Peter Rabbit).

We’re having a fence built for the back and side yards. We still pray for a dog (please pray with us), which is the main reason we are getting the fence. But I hope it will help save the peach tree and the lettuce of the future.

owlRobert Frost wrote, “Good fences make good neighbors.” I hope he’s right.

Boundaries are important in all relationships–not walls, but boundaries that keep things clear while letting people, or other animals, share space.