Pothole Taxes

A sound bite is like an hors d’oeuvres at a party: it tastes good, but making a meal of them isn’t good for your health.

Many politicians begin and end every pronouncement about public policy with a promise not to raise taxes. Former Virginia Attorney General (and current gubernatorial candidate) Bob McDonnell is typical (and the idea is not limited to one party).  “In this economy, I don’t think people can sustain more taxes.”

Sounds good, right? Tough times. No more taxes.

But what about the Huguenot Bridge tax?

potholeIt’s not a toll road, but my car takes a beating on the Huguenot Bridge.  The politicians don’t tell you about  that tax, but by not replacing the Huguenot Bridge with an adequate, smooth model I am being socked every time I drive to church and back.

And what’s my alternative? You got it–the Powhite tollroad. Got me, either way.

And don’t get me started on I-64 west. The only interstate I know with more bumps is I-94 in Detroit. I hope we are not trying to top Detroit.

No new taxes? Okay.

But let’s get honest about the hidden ones we’re already paying.