God & APA: Stop Hurting Others

The American Psychological Association has concluded what most LGBT folks knew all along: trying to change sexual orientation to satisfy others just doesn’t work. And it can damage your health (mental and physical). 2 women kissing

This is welcome news, because it recognizes the inherent dignity of people of all sexualities.

Of course, it won’t stop folks in various “ex-gay” ministries from continuing to peddle judgment and false hope to lesbian and gay folks struggling against social and interalized homophobia. Some in that movement show signs of moving away from forcing change on people (even before the APA report), but they cling to the idea that loving a person of your own gender is sin–and major sin at that.

Kiss-in in Salt Lake CityThat remains the nub issue: is same-gender loving inherently sinful? And there is only one possible way to respond: No. God loves love–in all its forms.

The APA does not issue theological advisories, but it does have a good claim to expertise in what hurts and helps people emotionally. And God is no doubt glad to have some help in persuading people to stop hurting other people.