Thanks, God, for Youth

Somebody who had just been with a large group of young people said to me recently, “I am feeling old right now.” Sometimes, I feel that way.

Aidan GrennellBut right now, I am feeling very energized by young people.

Yesterday, it was the amazing testimony of Aidan Grennell at MCC Richmond, “Is it Worth Saving Me?” His honesty, his faith, still ring in my heart (and you can hear it on iTunes or by going to )

I thank God also for the presence of so many of Aidan’s friends in our congregation (and Ana’ and Michelle’s singing, too). Now, that was church!

Today, it is knowing that Jonathan and I are leaving in a few hours to be with our daughters and friends — for Meg and Kevin’s Excellent Wedding.

Proud Dad with Emily, Robin, Meg & Kevin
Proud Dad with Emily, Robin, Meg & Kevin

It will be great to see some of the old folks, too, but I am especially eager to be touched and ennobled by the imagination, energy, and passion of youth.

Don’t get me wrong. I love being 62. But one of the best parts is knowing how much my own energy matches theirs.