A New York Idyll

Visiting New York, I am reminded of how glad I am that I moved to Richmond!

And yet, there is one thing I really like about New York (and I suppose living in other big cities with public transit systems): the opportunity to read on the subway. subway readers

Recently, my friend Jim Somerville remarked that since moving to Richmond from Washington, D.C., he was not reading as much. We figured out that it was due to the reading he used to do on the Metro.

Today, I read a major segment of the insightful book, The Four Agreements (for the discussion group on August 27), while riding from Union Square in Manhattan to Queens Plaza in, well, Queens. I actually enjoyed the ride.

Sure, the subway can be a drag, but with a good book . . .

. . . you don’t even notice the crush of humanity, the crazy people, the heat in the station, your neighbor’s boom box. or the dirt . . . .

A good book–its a friend you can take anywhere, even the N Train.