Googling God

google logoI learned something on vacation, thanks to my new son-in-law, Kevin.

When I wanted to find the nearest Radio Shack (Jonathan needed to buy a charger for his cellphone because he forgot to pack it), Kevin told me to text GOOGLE (456453), put in the store name, and the zip code. I did, and back came the addresses and phone numbers of three stores in the vicinity.

Later, on the way home to Virginia, when Jonathan and I wanted to stop for lunch, I entered Panera and the name of the next town in Maryland. Voila! We called the number listed and got directions. A few minutes later, we were enjoying tasty Greek salads.

It got me thinking about prayer.

Adam God Sistine Chapel
God reaching to Adam, Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel ceiling

We dial God (463), identify our location (e.g., sad, angry, guilty, needy, happy, grateful), say what we’re looking for (peace, blessing, love, nurture, feeding, freedom, e.g.), and wait for the response.

Of course, sometimes there is no Radio Shack or Panera in the area. Google can’t help much then. 

And sometimes God’s answer doesn’t feel like the one we want, or we wonder if the call was dropped.

But, unlike Google, God is never off the case and always has something to offer. Even silence is an answer, with God–a time to ponder if what we are asking for is actually what we need.