Can We All Just Get Along?

I am home this week, on vacation, reading, napping, working in the yard, and enjoying lots of quiet time (Jonathan is working so I am home alone during the day).

I am so comfortable being home alone. It feeds my introverted self.

But I also am missing community. Community is very important to me. Like it was, and is, to Jesus.

That’s why I am saddened to see debate about current issues become shouting matches, and name calling. Community doesn’t mean we all have the same ideas, but it does mean we treat each other with respect. Obama go home picture

It also means that we care enough about those 45 million fellow Americans who don’t have health insurance to find a way for them to have it.

Right now I am sitting comfortably in my study at home, all alone, enjoying the quiet. And, thanks to the Holy Spirit and my own sense of faith and hope, I also am feeling connected with you and others.

I believe that together we are better, more alive, more caring, more just, that any one of us can be alone.