Spare Tire Gets Me Every Time

While on vacation this week, I have been doing chores.

Working outside–trimming trees, cleaning weeds from beds–for a couple of hours each day has worn me out. Sure, it has been hot and humid, but the main reason I tire easily is simple: I am really out of shape.

I watched President Obama today talking about health care. I like his priorities. I know others do not.

spare tire pictureThe last question to which he responded was about something that transcends what kind of plan is adopted. The questioner asked about health–what can we do improve health in the United States?

The President mentioned obesity rates, diabetes, heart disease, and unhealthy eating habits–and how we need everyone, especially young people, to unlearn bad habits and learn good ones, and also exercise.

I thought about my exhaustion after a couple of hours of yard work.

Frankly, we do not have the best health care in the world. If we did, the numbers of healthy people would be growing, not shrinking–not because anyone tells us we have to be healthy, but because we’d want to be the best we can be and our health care system would show us how to do it.

Health: its my job, and yours, and it is a matter of national security (more about that another day).