Working Together, for Good

I was standing in a line behind five people at the post office at 4:55 pm. A man came up behind me, muttering, “Only one clerk–think they’d plan ahead and have more just before closing.”

I bit my tongue. There were two other clerks, who had momentarily gone to the back for their customers.

USPS,Then he said, “Wouldn’t be like this if it were privatized.”

I loosened my tongue. “Only time I ever lost a package, with no explanation or apology was with FedEx,” I said.

“Hmmmph.  All I know is that when health care is taken over by the government, it will be like the post office–inefficient, uncaring . . . .”

Just then the two clerks reappeared, finished up with the two customers, called the next two forward; then the third clerk called me.

“Hey,” I said, “not bad–joined a line less than five minutes ago and already at the window.”

The man looked away. 

I sympathize with his frustration: government is often inefficient. But frankly, business is often about the same. Government is not evil, any more than business.  Senator Ted Kennedy

One of the great things about Ted Kennedy was that he believed that together we can work together, through our shared institutions, to create a better life for everyone. And he practiced that every day.