My Health Care Crusade

At the  center of my personal campaign for improvements in health care for our nation is a daily walk.

I also write to my Senators and Representative, and I have improved my eating habits, but it is walking every day that is the core of my campaign.walkers

As Jonathan and I walked together this morning, and as we met various neighbors and dogs on the road, my spirits lifted. We came to a small hill and I lengthened my stride, pushing myself and feeling the endorphins kick in–and I felt as if my feet would soon leave the ground. Then, we encountered our neighbor Rebecca, and I believe I did rise above the earth. 

I thought to myself: I want everyone to have this opportunity, to walk or engage in some activity that pleases them and helps them be more healthy.

Yes, everyone needs access to adequate and affordable insurance (the debate should be over how best to do this, not whether we can do it), but most of all we each need the personal commitment and socio-economic opportunity to take good care of ourselves.

I know the Creator of Life wants that for us. What can you do today to make that more possible for yourself and others?