A Zest for Life

In watching the funeral for Ted Kennedy today, and parts of the Celebration of Life at the Kennedy Library last evening, it is impossible to avoid the fact of his faith, and how central it was to his entire life.Senator Ted Kennedy

He was no armchair Christian, no lukewarm, Sunday-only practitioner. He was not a public man who mouthed a faith and then lived as if it did not matter.

As many assess his political life, it seems clear that the core of Ted Kennedy was his God and his faith as a Christian. And, true to that faith, he wrestled every day with the implications of it for his life.

Of course, he fell short, sometimes with hideous consequences. But his faith told him to get up again, and he did. And at other times, he soared.

Ted Kennedy on boat
Ted at the helm

I believe the essence of Jesus’ life and teachings is not to live a perfect life so much as it is to exhibit a zest for life–for giving life everything you’ve got. Ted Kennedy came about as close as anyone I know to doing that.

Thanks, Ted. We are better for having known you.

Published by

Robin Hawley Gorsline

Robin is a poet (claiming this later in life) and Queer Theologian--reflecting a soul of hope and faith and joy and justice/shalom. He is happily married to Dr. Jonathan Lebolt (20 years and counting), the proud parent of three glorious daughters (and grateful to two wonderful sons-in- law and a new one soon!), and the very proud "Papa" to Juna (6) and Annie (3).

2 thoughts on “A Zest for Life”

  1. As I have reflected on Ted’s life what comes to my mind is that Ted never gave up. In spite of all the short comings and all the tragedy he kept the greater cause in sight. I have to believe that Ted felt the presence and forgiveness of God in his life in order to maintain his loving and kind spirit and continue on. The message I belive that Jesus sends to us is to strive to be like him but not to become bogged down by are short falls and life’s dark blows. Some how turn them into growing experiences and learning experiences. The person in the Bible who has been on my mind a lot since Ted has passed is King David. David’s courage to fight the giant becuase he felt it was God’s calling for him. Also David’s life was filled with short falls and “screw ups”, for lack of a better word, but God loved David and David loved God and that never changed. I think for Ted it was similar, God loved Ted and Ted loved God. Many times we are taught if we love God oh how perfect we will be but my belief is that when we love God our life while filled with mistakes, pain, sorrow, is piloted by a deeper source of love and caring and forgivenss. In some ways it is like having our own private cheering section that says, learn, grow, no you are loved and continue on. Ted had that that cheering section in his life, it was God’s love and forgiveness and constant presence.

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