“No” to Hate

Buju Banton is a popular Jamaican reggae singer. Unfortunately, he violates the tradition of Bob Marley and others who used, and use, that glorious music for peace and justice.

He sings songs, and speaks at his concerts, about the need for a “war against the faggots,” and one of his best-known songs is “Boom Bye Bye,” in which he justifies the murder of “batty boys” (Jamaican slang for gay men). He has been asked to disavow the song and the comments–and at one point did so, only to take it back.

If you want to check this out, listen to this video, especially about the 2:20 mark, where he says, “There is no end to the war between me and faggots…….”

He is scheduled to appear at two Virginia venues later this month–in Norfolk at the Norva on September 25 and in Richmond at the National on September 26. A campaign to get the venues, or the tour promoters, to cancel these shows is growing in Richmond, and beginning in Tidewater.

This is an effort to prevent more hate in Virginia, but also it is an effort to stand in solidarity with Jamaican LGBT folks who live under the constant threat of violence, including murder, for simply being themselves. Buju Banton contributes to their misery.

Call The National at 804-612-1900 and ask them to cancel — and watch for information about other actions to come.